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Well, this is it friends.   Unfortunately, we didn't make it!  Bleacher LLC is closed for business effective Oct 4, 2022.  


My wife and I invested our own personal savings to take an idea formed out of a conversation on an anniversary trip, to an app in gyms across the nation.


Our goal was to impact the youth sports scene in a positive way.  We grew tired of complaining about the atmosphere of youth sports, and did our best to create a platform to help change it.


We worked the entire summer of 2020 with a goal of launching in March of 2020.  Two weeks after our launch, everything closed.   


It's been an uphill battle from day one and unfortunately, here we are.  


Thank you for showing interest in Bleacher.   We wish you the best in your parenting / coaching journey.  


If you have a dream, go for it.   Sometimes the answer is no, and that's okay.  Big things ahead.


- The Wiley Family


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